Have you got into an accident while you're travelling around the world? In foreign settings on your trip, anything can happen but you can prepare better with travel insurance. 

With online service tool, Stonewell has enabled customers to purchase travel insurance policy online. 


How to Apply

Getting your travel insurance is quite easy. Purchasing Canada-bound travel insurance online before departure of your home country will waive the coverage waiting period.

Following information is required:

  • Date of Birth
  • First/Last Name
  • Gender
  • Canadian Residential Address
  • Primary Canadian Phone Number
  • Travel Start/End Date
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Product of Choice
  • Any of above information for your travel companion(s)

Once you gather all information, calculate premium by yourself through our online quote tool. You can still email this information to info@stonewellfinancial.com


How It Works

We have simplified the process of your insurance application and use as below. Should you have any further details and questions to be answered by us, please contact us through our email or live chat.

Get an instant quote for travel insurance

We provide you the exact amount of your perspective purchase of travel insurance.

Receive your travel insurance package via email

The package includes policy wording, confirmation of policy, and wallet card

Submit a Claim

If any medical emergency occurs during your policy period, submit a claim by the event start date and get your expense reimbursed. Go to Claim Help page to look further details.