Direct Pay Arranged Facilities Finder

Direct Pay allows patients or insurance holders to relieve their payment concerns at the medical facilities at the time of visit.

Are you not sure how much it would cost you to get medical treatment or consultation, but worried about unexpected figures on your medical bill? 


Some insurance providers have a direct pay arrangement with hospitals/medical clinics. With these facilities, you will not have to make a payment yourself at the time of your visit. Your visit and expenses will be directly reported to your insurance company, and you will not need to worry about sending any proof of payment.

Please note the following:

The medical facilities listed below are the facilities that have worked with Allianz Global Assistance & Tugo Insurance company through a direct payment arrangement in the past. It is important to note however that this list should be used as a reference only, as such arrangement can be terminated at any time by the medical facilities. If you are seeking to visit a medical facility with a direct payment arrangement, please contact your insurance companies before your medical visit. The companies will be able to advise whether the facility you are planning on visiting will accept the direct payment arrangement. In addition, upon your request, the insurance companies will contact this medical facility to try to facilitate a direct payment for you, although the acceptance is not guaranteed. Please look up your nearest location.

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