Medical expenses can be prohibitively expensive in Canada if you're not covered under provincial health plan. Rid of your worries by having yourself properly insured, and keep your medical expenses minimum.

* We consider an Inbound traveler as someone who enters Canada from elsewhere in the world. If you plan to travel abroad from Canada and need a travel insurance for your trip, you're still required to purchase an inbound travel insurance product.

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International Student

Maximum Benefits: $2 Million (CAD)

International Student Companion

Maximum Sum Insured: $2 Million (CAD)

Visitors to Canada

Sum Insured $10,000~$300,000
  • Applicants for Canadian Super Visa
  • Immigrants waiting for the issuance of Canadian government health insurance plan
  • Those who are or will be in Canada through International Experience Canada (IEC) program. Ex: Work Holidays
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