Single-Trip Plan

Summary of Single-Trip Plan Coverage

Wherever you are traveling to , and for however long you’re planning of going, don’t forget your travel insurance. It’s just as important as your passport and your plane tickets.

Who should consider a single trip insurance

A single-trip plan is for you if you’re going away once a year in the near future. Anymore than that and you and your family may be better off with Multi-Trip annual Plan.

There are many different travel insurance plans but which is appropriate for you?

You may think you have coverage already. Perhaps because your company’s benefit or credit card includes it as a perk. However, have a good look at the policy detail to see if it gives you the coverage you need. Watch out if your travel agency offers to include travel insurance as part of a package too. You could be paying much more than you need to or duplicate the coverage, just for the ease of purchase.

Travel Advisories are issued by Government of Canada

Whenever there may be a dangerous threat to Canadians visiting other countries, whether it be from terrorism, weather, petty crime or politically related. Please check the link below for latest travel advisories.