Trip Cancellation and Interruption Plan

Trip cancellation plan reimburses you for non-refundable expenses on pre-paid travel cost such as flight tickets,
Accommodation and Cruises.

  • Covered unforeseen death, injury or illness to you and your family before departure date.
  • Travel Advisory to postpone your trip
  • Loss of work or relocation
  • Natural disaster

Trip interruption plan covers extra costs if you need to return home sooner or later than planned due to unexpected.

  • you or your family medical condition
  • death
  • travel advisory issued after your departure date
  • natural disaster, legal obligation, quarantine
  • missed connection flight or ship

If you already have travel coverage through work, credit card or personal plan, choose this plan package to protect your
prepaid travel arrangements as well as your baggage and personal effects.

  • Trip cancellation and Interruption plan
  • Travel Accident insurance and Flight Accident insurance
  • Common Carrier Accident insurance
  • Baggage & Personal Effects insurance
  • Baggage Delay or Lost documents